Christmas 2023 English Cream Litter

November 25, 2023

Our Xena + Ringo English Cream litter has been such a fun litter of snow white babies! Team Members Josh & Lil are raising this litter and are doing a phenomenal job as always. This litter is ready to go home 2 days before Christmas and was fully reserved soon after being born! Enjoy the cute photos!

One Day

10 Days

Look at that cute little face ‚ô°
English Cream baby - side profile

3 Weeks

4 Weeks

Too cute ūüę∂

5 Weeks

Xena's pups are super cute at this stage! During this age, they are still dependent on mama's milk but also eating some puppy food. The process of weaning the pups from momma has started. We continue to keep a close eye on the puppies as they develop and mature. They are very playful and have the cutest little puppy barks! Our deworming regimen is in full swing. Keeping a close eye on the pup's appetites and diet is a top priority during this stage! Vet checks will be taking place once they are 7 weeks old, and we will also be vaccinating the puppies soon! Make sure to get your order in for TLC dog food  so it has time to ship out before the take home date!

TLC Whole Life Pet food.

6 Weeks

Hard to believe 6 weeks is already here for this wonderful litter! Growing so fast and doing really great! This litter is literally perfect timing for Christmas, ready to go home on December 23, 2023! Wow! First vaccinations are happening and the weaning process continues! The pups are starting to show their individual personalities a lot more! Gotcha day is coming right up!

Wanna play?!

8 Weeks

Today is 12/21/23 and pickup day is right around the corner! We look forward to meeting each of our new Buckeye families on Saturday! Enjoy these photos of one of Xena's pups, so bright and happy! These puppies are so full of energy and life! 

Thanks for following along on this beautiful Christmas litter of English Cream puppies! 


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