Service Dogs

Proud Partner with the Malinois Foundation
At Buckeye Golden Retrievers, we believe that Service Dogs save lives. A key component of our mission is to help make these life-saving companions available to our Veterans, First Responders, Women Survivors, and Children with Medical Needs. In early 2024, Buckeye Golden Retrievers established a partnership with the Malinois Foundation to heal and empower these individuals with a specialized service animal, a partner in life, and a new best friend. Whether it is for medical alerts, PTSD, or mobility assistance, our mission is to make your dream of getting a life-changing service dog become a reality. 
Service Dogs for Veterans, First Responders, Women Survivors, and Children with Disabilities
How can we help?

Submit your Application

If you are in need of a service dog, submit your application online through the Malinois Foundation, a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  

Will I get a Golden from you?

When you submit your application, you can request a Buckeye Golden. If you are approved, Malinois will reach out to us to facilitate next steps. We complete aptitude testing to ensure you are getting a qualified service dog.

What about a Therapy Dog?

If you are in need of a therapy dog and meet applicant criteria, we recommend submitting an application to Malinois. If you purchase a Golden pup directly from Buckeye for service, therapy, or emotional support, we have access to a network of professional trainers to help you get started! 

How long does it take?

Malinois Foundation applicants are approved on an as needed basis. Some service areas have a longer waitlist than others. Typically, no matter how long the waitlist is, clients should not anticipate waiting longer than a year and a half to get started.
Malinois Foundation
Have more questions? Please contact us! We normally respond in 24-48 hours on business days.
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